Three kids, two roles, one parent

From the moment he proposed, I swore to my husband I'd never camp in Australia. Snakes, spiders, all those things that want to kill me - not happening. In Canada we only have bears and wolves! 

In 2015, after 9 years of marriage and 3 children, I got Duncan a new tent and camping chairs for all of us for his birthday.  I knew how badly he wanted to teach our kids about nature, outdoor survival, fishing, starting fires, and all the wonderful mental health benefits of camping.  He loved it, they loved it, I've learned to accept that not everything in this country wants to poison me.

Last year, Duncan lost his battle to brain cancer. My beautiful husband and my kids' amazing father is no longer here to educate them and show them all he wanted to show.  So now its my turn. Not only have I learned to love camping, but I desperately want to carry on his legacy and make sure our three learn as much as he wanted them to learn, even in his physical absence.  

I've decided to start this blog not only to help me get through this, but to help other families who might be experiencing the same thing. Or maybe just for a mom or dad who wants to take the kids camping on their own.  It doesn't matter. I just needed to do it.